We get dozens of catalogs in the mail every week. I was leafing through one of them the other day, the Fall catalog from Sur La Table, an upscale cookware and kitchen supply company. It has the usual Le Creuset cast iron casseroles, snazzy knives, improbable gadgets, dishes, aprons and such. I love this stuff, but of course don’t need any of it. It also has a few recipes, which are intended to direct you to buy something necessary to the preparation of them. I saw a recipe for a Pesto Stuffed Pork Roast. I don’t do pork, but I thought it might be good do to a whole boned turkey breast with a pesto stuffing. I had seen a similar recipe for a Wild Rice and Cherry Stuffed Pork Roast last year that I made with turkey. (It was delicious.) Suddenly I flashed back to that moment. I had stuffed the breast and rolled it and was standing in the kitchen with a long piece of kitchen twine in hand. I knew there was a way to tie the roast using a single piece of string, but I couldn’t remember how to do it. Jake came into the kitchen, and I asked him if he knew how to do that. Silly question. Of course he did, and showed me in a matter of moments. He helped me get the roast secured and into the oven. “Thanks, Jake”, I said. “No problem, Pops”, and he was off. As I was reliving that lovely little moment, sitting at my kitchen table with this stupid catalog addressed to ‘Jake Colman or Current Resident’ in hand, my eyes filled with tears and I broke down sobbing. At Infinite Fountain