dontateclothes-640x480Are you sentimental with material possessions, and do you have a hard time getting rid of them? We had my great aunt and great uncle over for supper this evening, and the topic of being sentimental with “things” came up. My uncle said that as he ages, he’s finding he is more and more sentimental about stuff he was given over the years. He says it’s hard to get rid of things because of the memories the objects are associated with. Personally, when I attempt to rid out, I have such a hard time stuffing things into the bag for Goodwill and letting them go. I feel sick to my stomach with sentimental feelings during the process, but I do feel liberated when I drop it off for good. I even have a hard time getting rid of my daughter’s toys. I feel guilty trying not to be sentimental, as if I’m being insensitive and perhaps don’t love that person enough to keep and cherish the item. Do you have the same problem? — Q.M., Canada At Frugal Village